Cellar Classic Winery Series Italy Amarone Style
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This powerhouse wine is dark in color and rich in flavor and aromas. The bouquet is spicy, with black cherry, tobacco leaf, licorice and coffee notes in the glass. Big, round and flavorful on the palate with delicious dark fruit, leather, cassis and pepper. Warm, with a soft tannin backbone, fine acidity and good structure. This wine demands patience to reach its full potential - allow it to mellow minimally 9-12 months, as it will improve with age.

Includes Fresh Corvina Grape Skins

2011 and 2013 WineMaker International Award Winner

CategorySizeYieldReady TimeOakBodySweetness
Red 18 L 23 L 6 Weeks 5 5 0


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Cellar Classic Winery Series Italy Amarone Style

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