Irish Stout BSG Select Ingredient Kit
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There’s good reason a certain night-black stout from Ireland has become so well known around the world. Whether you get it in a can, bottle, or draught, Irish Stout is likely a go-to beer all year long. Rich in flavor, but easy on the ABV and body, this beer breaks the stereotype of “dark beer”.

Our seductive stout pays tribute to its Irish roots with a dominant roast-coffee flavor, bone-dry finish and pours black with garnet edges. Subtle hopping plays off the roast malt character, making this beer very easy to drink time and time again. Find out why this style is Ireland’s most well known export!

  • 3.3 lb of Light Liquid Malt Extract
  • 2 lb of Light Dry Malt Extract
  • 12 oz of Crisp Roasted Barley
  • 4 oz of Crisp Crystal 120L Malt
  • 1 oz of Northern Brewer Hop Pellets for Bittering
  • 1 oz of Fuggle Hop Pellets for Aroma
  • 11.5 g of Fermentis US-05 Ale Yeast
  • 5 oz of Priming Sugar
  • 55 Bottle Caps
  • 1 Muslin Bag
  • Item #: CBF22

Irish Stout BSG Select Ingredient Kit

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