Refractometer (Brix & SG)
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Refractometers are excellent tools to determine the density of unfermented wort or must, providing quick and accurate readings with only a few drops of sample fluid. This handheld version is packed with features to make it perfect for both brewers and winemakers. The refractometer reports measurements in both °Brix and Specific Gravity, and automatically compensates for temperature. The display has an adjustable focus lens, so there is no need to try and look through the eyepiece while wearing glasses. It is made of durable, lightweight materials, and comes with a protective, hard-shell case, a drop applicator, and a screwdriver in case manual calibration is desired.

Since alcohol affects the refractive properties of liquids, the refractometer can only be used on unfermented wort or must, or other sugar solutions. Final gravity (density after fermentation) must be calculated, rather than measured directly.


Range: 0 to 32 °Brix
1.000 to 1.130 SG
Resolution: 0.2 °Brix
0.001 SG
Accuracy: ±0.1 °Brix
±0.001 SG
Automatic 10 to 30 °C
(50 to 86 °F)




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Refractometer (Brix & SG)

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