Weyermann® Dark Wheat
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Malt Type: Specialty
Grain Origin: Germany
Color: 6.2-8.1 °Lovibond (15-20 EBC)
Protein: 10.5-14%
Moisture: 5% max.
Extract (dry): 81% min.
Diastatic Power:  
Usage: 100% max.

Weyermann® Dark Wheat is a gently kilned malt made from high-quality German wheat. It contributes a mild golden color to wort and a robust malty-sweet flavor with notes of bread, biscuit, toffee, and caramel. Wheat malts are high in protein, which helps produce fuller-bodied beers. Wheat malt can also improve head formation and retention, depending upon the other grist constituents. In top-fermented beers, Weyermann® Dark Wheat malt performs especially well, adding creaminess, body, and complex wheat flavors. Weyermann® Dark Wheat malt has a somewhat 'drier', more complex character than pale wheat malts. It's the signature malt for Bavarian Dunkelweizen, and perfect for Weizenbocks, Kölsch, and Altbiers.

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Weyermann® Dark Wheat

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